Sean Penn and James Franco are not gay, but they are playing lovers in a new film about the life of activist Harvey Milk. And there are some pictures! Does anyone else get sort of hot under the collar thinking about those two having 70s-style make out sessions? [Towleroad]

Good news and bad news! Sales of boxed macaroni and cheese are up, reports UPI. Good news because, yum, mac and cheese is delicious comfort food, whether it is authentic or from a box. The bad news? This may be a clear indication that this country is headed toward financial ruin and we're trying to soothe our souls

Mark Badgley and James Mischka started their eponymous line in 1988, and they've been together (personally and

Hey! Want to wake up GAY? According to this vintage ad from Ovaltine, drinking a warm cup of the concoction at night

Jill Stuart — who sold her first collection to Bloomingdale's at the age of 15 — is known for pretty, clean,

According to the New York Daily News, President Teddy Roosevelt's novelist granddaughter, Theodora Keogh, died

Venezuelan-born Carolina Herrera is known for her elegant sophistication; she dressed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in