Thirsty Thursday! And it feels like it's time to pull out the hard stuff. Let's toast the best comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Who Controls The Bristol Palin Media Machine?: "Can ANYONE truly control a wonderful, powerful stallion such as the Bristol Palin Media Machine? Can you catch the wind? Or cage raging caribou?" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Just Perfect: People Glamorizes Plastic Surgery Addiction: "Um yeah. Despite, a double digit dress size I look in the mirror and see perfection. Why? This body has survived child abuse, major depressive disorder and a shit ton of bad relationships. This body can take me where I need to go and functions just fine. This body has held friends, lovers and siblings. This body has made the world's best lasagna. This body got me through Oxford and law school in 1 piece. This body laughs, cries, and sighs. That is beauty. I wish more women peace in their skins, no matter their size, shape or age.
p.s. This body has a really great rack." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Real World: "You're Not Skinny Enough To Be In Playboy":

I think homegirl (I don't know her name in the second clip) makes an excellent point...For a lot of women (or at least women that I know, including myself) beauty standards are something that we recognize as completely oppressive, manmade, and ridiculous, but, it is so ingrained in our culture that there will always be this horrible inkling that our bodies are not good enough, even if we recognize the ridiculousness 95% of the time, there is still that half second of double-think when we are a little bit terrified to "get in the hot tub, [with our jiggly thighs in a two piece]" because we are afraid of the judgement we might get (this works both ways, not just for girls who think they're too big, girls who think they are too thin as well).

And, its definitely a conversation that needs to be had universally, because (as also seen in the clip), we seem to be getting into the (not necessarily bad) habit of being great to each other as women...other women love my body, other women are very supportive of me, but I (as a heterosexually identifying woman) am not seeking physical appreciation or gratification from other women. I think men need to be involved in this conversation for other reasons too, the standardization of beauty not only causes women to feel less than, it also takes away the option for men to choose (in the context of mass media) what they deem as attractive, when every image thrown at them is one of an aggressively similar type.

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