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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Counseling Makes Sex Better For Women, Not For Men: "I sorta feel for the guy in the picture though. He's like Pairs of EMOTIONAL Jugs? So not what I was expecting in the sex class! Where are the JUGGGGGS?" We say: He's going to be really disappointed when he gets to the "role playing" part of the therapy session. • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Women Make Movies: Julie & Julia Boiling Hot At Weekend Box Office: "Maybe more people would go to see Julie & Julia if the preview featured more explosions, slow motion hair blowing walks, Julia Child in a bikini, and Kid Rock's American Badass playing in the background." We say: Julie Vs. Julia: Rise Of The Beef? • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Shoes Cause Women To Abandon Jobs, Babies: "Strangely, I also ran out with money in hand when the Stereotype Fun Wagon drove by. I now have three kittens, some lip gloss, a tray full of yogurt, a new Swiffer/lover, and three girlfriends who I discuss birth control with over cocktails. It's a much better deal, ladies. Now strap on your OMG CUTE SHOES and head out to your street, preferably while holding the latest handbag so you can catch the wagon and Meet Cute with a guy passing by (who is walking his dog, of course)." We say: We'd totally join you, but we're too busy eating a cheeseburger while wearing a swimsuit and washing a car. Sorry!

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