Forever21's "plus sized" line, the God-awfully named Faith21, debuted in stores and online Friday. Noted "fat" writer Kate Harding writes, "I give it 3 months."

One of Harding's complaints is that several items, while called dresses, are decidedly too short to be worn in public as such. In this we are agreed. That said, there are some pieces that look good… although, for sure, there are more items that look bad.

The Good:

It isn't exactly earth-shattering, but this tiger-striped tee has just enough glitz to be interesting. And V-necks generally flatter plus sizes.

This black lace top looks a wee too clingy for my tastes, but certainly a cool basic that could be dressed up or down.

While possibly too short, props for the cool pattern; the kimono shape skims the body and camouflages lots of areas.

Pencil skirt = yum.

Will you be constantly tugging at this blouse, or searching for safety pins, trying to keep it closed so as not to show the entire office your bra? Maybe. But nice, flattering wrap style. Flutter sleeves are great for slimming the upper arm.

The Bad:

Ick. Too short, and... yuck. Really? Plus-sized teens want a dress which constricts and pushes together their thighs?

If it's not flattering this poor model, imagine what will happen to mere mortals.

Most plus-sized ladies need a decent, supportive bra; this top renders wearing one impossible.

Ditto, add "looks cheap."

Another dress so short it could be a tunic. This one, as an added bonus, ends up looking like maternity wear if you're not careful.

100% sheer polyester? DO NOT WANT.

See above.

Of course, the biggest problem Harding has with Faith21 is that, as we've mentioned before, it's not really plus sized. For the largest size — XXL — the measurements are that of a 15/16. That means Kate (who is a size 18) and many others are "too big" for Faith21 clothing. (Just a reminder: the "average" American woman is a 14.)

Still, the fact that a popular, affordable chain is trying to be inclusive is worth noting. And at Sunday's New York Times event, Tyra Banks reportedly said that a plus-size cycle of America's Next Top Model is a possibility. "That would be fantastic," she said, "if only they would come out to the auditions! I don't think plus size girls know they could be on Top Model. We've just gotta get them coming out to the auditions!" Well, first they've got to have something decent to wear.

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