Best Comment of the Day (just one because it's long), in response to Angelina & Brad: Twins Again?!?: "COMING TO YOU LIVE, from one of the Jolie/Pitt mansions, it's this year's edition...
...In HD!
THRILL as more Jolie/Pitt haploids haplessly hitch into happiness as diploids!
(close-up of cells in a petri dish)
Exclusive interviews with blastocysts!
(cut to lump of cells): "Man, y'know, that thing with the implantation, that sounded really scary, but I was like, hi mom, I'm on TV! And also, in your uterine lining!"
EXTREME UTERUS COVERAGE YOU WON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE! Don't touch that dial! OR THAT MUCUS PLUG! Extreme Uterus Celeb-Watch '09! Don't be late, just dilate!
...Christ I feel fucking dirty now. Jesus fuck, Jolie/Pitt, we get it already. You're way more hip than the Duggars and you dress better. Fine. We're done here. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR GAMETES ANYMORE. PUT THEM AWAY." We say: hell to the yes.