Best Comment of the Day (no Worstie today), in response to GOP Pinheads: Women Aren't "Feminist" Unless They Vote For Sarah Palin: "It's okay, I keep a copy [of the liberal feminist agenda] in my flayed man-skin portfolio:

  • 8:00 Morning prayers to heathen Earth Goddess
  • 8:30 Shower, DON'T shave, slip into Birkenstocks
  • 9:00 Breakfast (Masculinity with a side of wheat toast)
  • 10:00 Lesbian Orgy
  • 1:00 Abortions for everyone!!!
  • 3:00 Some rally or another where we all wear pink ironically, shave our heads and dance around a burning phallus effigy.
  • 7:00 More amoral devotions to the Almighty Yoni
  • 8:00 Voodoo/Satanic ritual against "happy women"
  • 9:00 Rachel Maddow
  • 10:00 Bed. Begin again tomorrow.

We say: what did we say about telling everyone about the man-skin portfolio?!?!