5 Unbeweavable Years Of Tyra's Hair

In the five years of her talk show—which ends its run at the end of this week—Tyra has single-handedly familiarized a nation with weaves, wigs, tracks, and extensions. Here, we look back at her contribution to society.

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tyra is completely and utterly cray-cray. but i like that she is so frank about her hair. it is just hair, but for so many people it is a huge issue. just a few months ago on the subway i said to my friend "wow, she has such a nice weave" about someone standing near us and my friend flipped out saying "what are you doing!? you can't say that. you have to pretend it is real. you are going to get us killed" i think it is so crazy that people are shamed so much by hair, that you have to pretend what they have is real. i knew it wasnt, she knew it wasnt, everyone knew, yet it was the big pink elephant in the room.

african american women (everyone for that matter) should never have to feel bad about themselves because of their natural or fake hair. as if it were worse than being selfish or mean. whether you choose to wear it natural or not, it is all beautiful and in the end, it is just hair.

hopefully because of tyra there is someone somewhere who has been liberated from this.

i will say however, that her rabies monologue still gives me nightmares, and consumes all my thinking when stoned.