"40 Beads" System Makes It Easier For Couples To Not Verbalize Their Sexual Desires

Carolyn Evans' book Forty Beads; The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage proposes that married couples save (or merely improve) their relationships by using a token system. According to Evans' method, the man is given 40 beads which he distributes, one bead at a time, to his wife. Each bead means he's in the mood, and the wife has 24 hours to respond with sex. One couple interviewed on Today this morning actually said that they love the 40 beads game because, "It's an easy way without having to communicate." The process will improve couples' lives because, as Evans naively points, out, "There's nothing to fight about when everybody is happy with their sexual situation."


But seriously, everyone knows that when it comes to sex, beads are actually supposed to be tethered together, shoved up an anus, and pulled out slowly.

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Viviane Johnson

Why does this sound like something really, really rich people do?