4-Year-Old Fashion Designer (and Her Mom) Return With Oscar Fashions

4-year-old Mayhem has returned with Oscar looks for your viewing pleasure. It seems that she and her mother have been busy in their workshop creating the latest academy awards fashions—Lupita! Jennifer! Jada! They're all here!—for eager viewers and skeptics alike.

Yes, it's true that Mayhem probably doesn't make all the looks herself (I would also probably not give a toddler a pair of sharp scissors and invite her to go to town), but it's nice to see a mother and daughter engaging in a really fun art project that produces such beautiful results. (And even if all Mayhem is doing is taping the back of these dresses (possible), that is still more than I was ever able to do at 4. My preschool teacher once sent a note home suggesting that my mother practice Play-Doh with me because I was just not getting it.)


Here are some more of Mayhem's latest looks, which she created for The Ellen Show.

According to Mayhem's mother, Ellen's is the only show that allowed Mayhem to work on her schedule, keeping the designing fun as opposed to work. Boy is Mayhem in for a rude awakening when she applies to school at FIDM, which I imagine is run just like an episode of Project Runway, with students required to design and produce a dress in less than six hours every week.


Here's Mayhem in a beautiful bird-inspired number that would not look out of place on the red carpet. Check out that fashion-forward belt.


You go, Mayhem! Don't let the haters keep you down!

Images via Instagram.

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