On Sunday, three female sports reporters were initially denied postgame entrance into the Jacksonville Jaguars’ locker room because they were women. The usher checked with several men before allowing reporters Joey Chandler, Graham Watson, and one unidentified woman, who were all in Indianapolis for the Associated Press Sports Editors sports media diversity weekend, inside.

Public relations representatives from both teams have since apologized to the reporters, noting that the usher didn’t know who was allowed access where.



Expectedly, an overwhelming majority of the responses to the above tweets basically ask, “What’s the big deal?”


“[We are] disappointed three credentialed female media members were briefly denied access to the Jaguars locker room, by an usher, after today’s game against the Colts in Indianapolis,” read a statement from the Association for Women in Sports Media.

“Although the Colts’ staff handled the situation quickly and both teams apologized, it is unfortunate such issued continue to exist.”

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The Colts’ Pat McAfee maybe says, “WTF, Jaguars?” Image via Getty.