27-Year-Old Mega-Producer Megan Ellison Could Win All The Oscars

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Megan Ellison, the 27-year-old film wunderkind producer (and daughter of Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison), walked away with two Producers Guild of America nominations earlier this week for Her and American Hustle. These awards are considered a good predictor of which films will be nominated for the Oscars. What this means, of course, is that Ellison, a relative newcomer, could be nominated for two films and have her first Academy Award gathering dust on her fireplace before she's 30. Somewhere right now Harvey Weinstein shifted uncomfortably just thinking about it. And with good reason, none of the films Weinstein produced this year were nominated for the Producers Guild Awards — not even Scary Movie 5. Ellison's other biggest competitor, Scott Rudin, was nominated for only one film — Captain Phillips.

While reports of her being Hollywood's next kingpin might be premature, there's no question that Ellison's career is impressive. In the past two years, Ellison has produced such films as True Grit, Spring Breakers, and Zero Dark Thirty. Her production company, AnnaPurna Pictures, is also set to produce the next three Terminator films. YES! More Terminator movies! Even if she doesn't win an academy award this year, she'll probably be baaack (said in Schwarzeneggerese) for one in the near future. HASTA LA VISTA, OSCAR!

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How was Jennifer's performance in American Hustle? Every time I saw the previews, I cringed at the "you got to crack a couple of eggs" line. The accent and delivery just felt so forced and unnatural.