16 & Pregnant Grandma Arrested For Meth

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The mother of Whitney Purvis—who was featured on the first season of 16 & Pregnant—was arrested arrested over the weekend in Georgia for drug possession. April Purvis, 37, was charged with felony possession of meth and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. When asked for a comment by TMZ on her mother's arrest, 18-year-old Whitney said, "What my mom does, does not affect me."


On Whitney's episode of the MTV show, she and her mother April were both pregnant at the same time. They and their two boyfriends lived with Whitney's grandmother in her two-bedroom home. Looking for a place to store her clothes in the cramped house, the teen began emptying out a junk drawer in Meemaw's room, where she found a mug with a penis as the handle. But it turns out the mug was not Meemaw's. It was Meemaw's mother's—the teen's great-grandma. Upon the discovery of the mug, Meemaw shouted at Whitney, "What makes you think you're Paris Hilton or some damn body?"

16 And Pregnant star Whitney Purvis shrugs off mother April's arrest for drug possession [Daily Mail]
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I've never had an opportunity to see this show, so here's a question for those who do, because my work server is apparently blocking entertainment/television sites and Wikipedia articles to do with entertainment subjects today.

Does MTV select its teenage mothers and their families from across the spectrum of race and class? Or do they cast them to fit a specific stereotype or demographic, ie the popular image of the "poor white trash single mom"? Because the experience of being a young single mother would obviously differ wildly depending on your upbringing, background and family support or lack thereof, and I'd hate to think that MTV was encouraging stereotyping or boxing in of the teen mom experience.