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16 & Pregnant: 15-Year-Old Boys Are Idiots

On last night's episode of 16 & Pregnant, 17-year-old Kianna got knocked up by her 15-year-old boyfriend of two months, Zak. Only Kianna seemed to understand the enormity of their situation—neither of them had jobs and she only had $130 in savings—and how difficult it would be for them to continue their education if they had a child. Being realistic, she seemed to be leaning toward adoption, but Zak was dead set against it, and in the clip above, gives her the worst possible argument for actually keeping the baby: that everything would just magically work out. Amazingly, she was persuaded and they kept their son. Unsurprisingly, Zak was not around much once the baby was born, and since he lives in a different town and isn't old enough to drive, he can only see his son when his mom has the time to give him a ride.

In her After Show interview Kianna admits that if it weren't for Zak, she would've chosen adoption. Interestingly, she also explains the couple's choice to become born again virgins.


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Sorcia MacNasty

As someone who was adopted as an infant and enjoys an incredible relationship with her family (and no, I have never felt the need to find my "real" parents — a phrase that irritates me beyond belief), I am heartsick when adoption is not touted as a good and viable option in situations where keeping a child would be a hardship. Thank god my biological mother didn't have some douchetaco telling her this line of bilge ... or if she did, thank god x2 that she didn't listen. Thanks, Bio Mom. Foreal.