If you watch one skater during the winter olympics, it has got to be this one. What Yulia Lipnitskaya (who is 15! When I was 15 i could barely tie my shoes! It was actually pretty sad.) can do with just her skates, some ice, and a fly-ass outfit is MAGIC. Okay, I'm sure there were years and years of hard work in there, too, but the rest has got to be magic. (Probably dark magic, because I can't stand the thought of someone having so much talent and not also being a dark lord of the underworld.)

But damn, those jumps! That flexibility! Do you think there's still time for us to get this good?

Update: the video is taken from The European Championships and is the same program Lipnitskaya performed today in The Olympics. We're back to The Olympics! I'm going to use all my internet powers to keep the video alive. The video can also be found here.