13-Year-Old Kate Middleton Was Cruelly Teased By Mean Girls

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A new book claims that Kate Middleton was bullied at her all-girls school when she was about 13 years old. According to a source, "insidious" girls teased Kate for being "skinny" and "meek." "They called her names and they stole her books and stuff — little things like that. They rounded up on her a bit because she was quite a soft and nice person… When she used to go to lunch she would sit down with people and they all used to get up and sit on another table." One report claims that mean girls smeared her bed with excrement, but that account has been denied. Still, if you want to see some cute pix of the future princess when she was a goofy youngster, be sure to click through. [Daily Mail]

FYI: "MP Disputes Bullying At Kate Middleton School." [Daily Mail]

Kate Middleton has asked wedding guests to donate to an anti-bullying charity in lieu of gifts. [Daily Mail]

Queen Elizabeth's underpants will be auctioned off after Kate and Prince William's wedding, "out of respect." [TMZ]

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Miley Cyrus is glad she quit Twitter: "I do not tweet, I do not social network I decided for me it is easier. I complain too much about people knowing about my private life, so to go out there and start exploiting myself in that way would be hypocritical. Sometimes I wish I could just so I could say what really happened. It is nice to use Twitter for that and to have it as a luxury to be able to do a rumor patrol, but it's not worth it, I don't think." [Showbiz Spy]

Bee tee dubs, Miley never dissed Rebecca Black. She insists: "I am a fan of Rebecca Black. I love Rebecca Black. I just got misquoted. I think she's great." [Contact Music]

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James Franco also quit Twitter! Quoth he: "Social media is over... My thought was 'This is my Twitter. I can do whatever I want.' But certain companies I work with contacted me about what I was saying." He also has some advice for you wanna be creatives out there: "If you want to write, make the time. We all have an hour or two a day that can be used for surfing Facebook or writing. No one is going to beg any new writer to write." [Wonder Wall, Daily Express]

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Taylor Swift was named Entertainer Of The Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards. [Radar Online]

Oh, wow: Reba McEntire made a gay joke about Jake Gyllenhaal while on stage at the ACM awards. [Contact Music]

  • Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde are candoodlesmushing. [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan will audition for Zack Snyder's Superman. [Radar Online]
  • Robert Pattinson is pissed about leaked images from Breaking Dawn hitting the internet. "Why do this maliciously? You're not a fan. You're just a dick." He also issued a call to action: "I want the Twilight troops to mobilize, all the good fans, and find out who these little shits are and just hack into their computers and destroy them. I'm being genuinely serious, Twilight fans… Punish them." [MTV]
  • Remember when Kim Kardashian wore Elizabeth Taylor's costumes from Cleopatra in Harper's Bazaar? They were actually supposed to meet for the magazine. KK explains: "We had a tea set up for me to come over to her house and have tea and then she got sick and they postponed it... so I never got the chance to meet her." The interview was done via email instead. [Daily Mail]
  • Lady Gaga's mom is going with her on tour to make sure she doesn't drink too much — and to make sure she eats enough. [Contact Music]
  • Lady Gaga will kick off the Good Morning America concert series by performing in New York on May 27. [Page Six]
  • Matchmaker Patti Stanger says Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry will not last as a couple, "Because that man's a fucking cheater!" [E!]
  • Sarah Silverman met Barack Obama and immediately told him she'd be naked in a movie. She regrets saying this. [TV Squad]
  • The creator of Skins is leaving Skins. [Digital Spy]
  • Hugh Hefner's fiancée, Crystal Harris, will not sign a pre-nup. Ch-ching? [News.com]
  • Amy Winehouse is gonna get hitched! [Daily Express]
  • Mark your calendar: Lonely Island's new album, Turtelneck & Chain, drops May 10. It includes "I Just Had Sex" and guest stars Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Akon. [Prefix]
  • Blind items! 1. "Which actor in a seemingly settled and long-term relationship with a beautiful woman is having a secret affair with a married millionaire?" 2. "Which actress was left fuming after an on-screen lover repeatedly spurned her aggressive advances when the cameras were turned off?" [Page Six]
  • "I'd like to say that with all the costume changes I didn't get my penis caught in a zipper once. Maybe next time." — Elton John on hosting SNL. [Page Six]
  • "My life is kind of normal as a working actress. It's not normal for a teacher or a student but it's kind of normal for a working actress. More people know me than I know them and that is not normal. It certainly is strange and it's not without its scariness. it makes me feel strange to say that I have fans and it makes me feel strange to say that I'm a celebrity, because I don't believe that I am… I just think that I'm a girl with a job that everyone can see." — Gabourey Sidibe. [Contact Music]

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