Get ready to be inspired and also feel incredibly lazy, because Fauja Singh is a 101-year-old who runs marathons. Damn you, Singh; now I feel like an even bigger jerk for skipping my walk-jog today. Obviously this is all your fault, you goddamned beautiful human being.

Known as the "turbaned tornado", Singh began running marathons at the tender age of 89 as a way to cope with his grief over the death of his wife and eldest child. Since then, he's run at least eight marathons and set numerous records for his age group.

Wonderfully, just last month, he participated in a mini marathon in India to raise awareness about women's rights in the wake of a fatal rape of student Jyoti Singh Pandey. "I am pained to listen that my daughters and granddaughters and great granddaughters are no longer safe." He also doesn't believe in the death penalty, and instead wants to focus on the future and social change.

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