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100-Year-Old Woman Walks on Beach, Sees Ocean for First Time

World, prepare your handkerchiefs: This is Ruby Holt and she is 100 years old. For her 101st birthday, she only had one wish, and it wasn't a paid of Beats by Dre. It was to see the ocean for the first time. (Which doesn't cost anything, so it is a B- gift. Still emotional and inspirational!)


According to The Daily Mail, Holt has lived in Tennessee all her life and has never once seen the sea. For her birthday, she was granted the wish by The Wish of a Lifetime organization and finally got to feel the water on her feet. Her reaction — besides awe at how big the ocean is — was that it was too cold. Which makes sense. Because it is November.

Also: as heartwarming as this is, when I am 100 (and I will get there), I will be requesting 10 male strippers and laughing gas and a million dollars.

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I love seeing old people made happy.

My grandma's favorite drink was margaritas. In the nursing home, she had a bottle of mix, but, you know, it wasn't the real deal. A year before she passed away, my husband and I traveled cross-country to see her. We smuggled in a bottle of tequila and made her proper margaritas. She was in bliss, having her favorite drink again. Here were are with the smuggled contraband: