10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Jesse James claims that Sandra Bullock was the one who was insincere during their marriage, Barbara Walters has a giant portrait of herself in her apartment, and Kathie Lee and Hoda have a pajama party.

1.) Party on, Garth.
It's so hard to believe that Jesse James is really this bad boy because he sounds like such an insecure dork when he talks. Maybe that's why he feels the need to get laid a lot? Anyway, in his interview with Piers Morgan, he was trying to say that his ex-wife Sandra Bullock was the faker in their relationship, because she's an actress, even though he was the one who was stepping out on her.


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2.) Welcome to her home.
Babs threw a bridal shower for Sherri Shepherd at her fancy Manhattan apartment and they aired some footage from the party on The View. The best part was that she had a five-foot tall oil painting portrait of herself in the living room.

3.) Today's pajama party.

4.) "She's deformed."
While at an event to raise awareness about bullying, most of the NY Housewives were so ill behaved toward one another, but the foot-in-mouth award goes to Ramona, who called Jill's stepdaughter—a woman who had just given a moving speech about having a large birthmark on her face—"deformed."


5.) Ranting lady from Brooklyn.
Fox 5 has this regular segment on its nightly news called City Rants, where they just follow a New Yorker around with a camera and let them rant about stuff. This lady from Bensonhurst is so pissed off about gas prices.


6.) Matt Lauer is such a nag.
While interviewing Christina Aguilera this week, he just wouldn't let her off the hook about her "bad behavior" and how people tried to "save" her. God, it's not like she's Lindsay. Leave her alone!


7.) "Ace boon coon."
I've never heard this phrase before, but Wendy Williams said it on her show—twice, and neither time was it bleeped—but later apologized.


8.) "Animal print will never go out of style."
Things that Staten Island mob wives actually say.


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9.) What your missing if you're not watching Real Housewives of New Jersey.

10.) What you didn't miss this week…
For New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub will be on Dr. Drew's HLN show tonight to "seek help" for the psychological problems that led to her being a stripper at Scores. I believe that she really was sexually abused, but I also believe that this is just another excuse to get herself on television.

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Seriously, you yanks really need to calm down about petrol prices. Those of us on the other side of the pond already pay almost twice as much as you guys do, and it's a limited freaking resource people! Jeez...

*disclaimer: I'm actually very fond of Americans in general, and in no way endorse the view that all Americans think this way. Just some of you. :)

(Also, Piers Morgan and Jesse James in one room? That's like douche carnivale...)