10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, get a look inside Barbra Streisand's "elegant barn," Tyra makes her "directorial debut," and Isaac Mizrahi tells his QVC co-host to shut up.

1.) Barbra Streisand's "elegant barn."
Babs bought a normal, one-floor home and turned it into a barn with a silo, because she feels like barns are "American." This footage is spellbinding.

2.) Patti Stanger refers to Sandra Bullock's vagina as "pipes."
On live TV.

3.) Ugh.
Heidi and Spencer are renewing their wedding vows—in a week-long stint on Entertainment Tonight—and use the opportunity to bash Heidi's mom. It's kind of interesting, actually hearing how fake The Hills is, but how can anyone believe anything these two say? Remember when they were pretending to get a divorce a few months ago?

4.) Russel Brand debunks a myth.
I really did think that all those dots on the Larry King Live set were lights. It's weird to find out that they're not.

5.) Tyra's "directorial debut."
OK, I was expecting it to not be great or to even make sense, but I was not expecting it to be so horribly bad that the first few seconds of shaky camera work would literally be nauseating. It's telling that her stab at being a pop singer was better than this effort.

6.) Important news.
I love the commercials for the evening news that air during Judge Judy. The stories always have their own logos.

7.) Isaac Mizrahi can't hold back.
It's kind of endearing that he shut up the QVC saleswoman because she was rambling, even though she was rambling about his products.

8.) Camille Grammer likes to use big words.
Except that she has trouble with them. Or uses them incorrectly. Or invents words that sound smart.

9.) Every woman is just jealous of Camille Grammer.
I think that the cue to knowing that a Housewife has lost the plot is her insistence that women "celebrate" each other.

10.) Dr. Phil gives some harsh advice.
And the audience finds it hilarious!


I don't even understand what it is that Tyra directed.