10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Oprah has an unofficial gay week, Real Housewives superfan Ben Weiner calls in to Watch What Happens to speak to his cousin Isaac Mizrahi, and Camille Grammer is a flake.

1.) Oprah's gay week
She had Portia de Rossi, Ricky Martin, and camp(ing).

2.) Isaac Mizrahi and Ben Weiner
Did you know that 13-year-old Real Housewives superfan and frequent Watch What Happens caller Ben Weiner is Isaac Mizrahi's cousin? He called into the show while Isaac was on and we learned that Isaac gave Ben a super lame Bar Mitzvah gift.

3.) Girl, you so festive
Mimi loves Christmas so much that she keeps a tree up in her guest room year-round. In other news, she's referring to maternity clothes as "ensembles." You can always count on her for certain things. You know?

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4.) John Rich's filthy bathtub
The country star was showing off his mansion on Robin Roberts' In the Spotlight special this week, during which he boasted about how awesome his tub was, yet failed to address its major mildew problem.

5.) Pregnancy photo shoot
I totally get why some women would hire a professional photographer to take photos of them while they are pregnant, in order to capture such a momentous time in their lives. However, I don't understand why Real Housewives' Phaedra and her husband needed to suck on the same pickle at the same time. All it does is bring to mind double-headed dildos for me.

6.) Hipsters on Judge Judy
I always look forward to seeing cool kids appear before her, since there is a guarantee that she will lose her patience with either their hairdos or their overuse of "like." But this one was particular great, for me anyway, for two reasons: First, the girl was suing her ex-girlfriend for stealing her underwear and then selling it on Craigslist. Second, the Defendant allegedly used the profits to buy people rounds of drinks at a bar around the corner from my house. I feel a little bit closer to JJ today because of it.

7.) Camille Grammar is a flake.
She's always talking about how hard she works and all these "things" she has to do. The filmed evidence to the contrary is kind of hilarious.

8.) But at least she's honest.
On The Joy Behar Show this week she admitted that she was initially attracted to Kelsey Grammer because of his fame. She then went on to call him an insecure narcissist. Later, she reiterated that crap about all the hard work she has to do, and how she never got the chance to pamper herself. She doesn't grocery show, she doesn't even arrange the fruit bowls on her kitchen counter, she has four nannies for two children, and was recently shown on an episode of Real Housewives relaxing in Hawaii while her kids were looked after by her staff.

9.) Unique, somewhat cool, but kinda creepy job
This artist girl makes a living by creating inflatable dummies that are used as "extras" to fill in crowd scenes in movies. It actually seems really interesting and fun, however, the end product is terrifying.

10.) Butt, butt, butt, time capsule



Camille Grammar is the worst BH housewife. On the latest episode she compared herself to Jesus for her great generosity... Jesus! Jesus wouldn't keep twenty mansions with staffs, lady. Letting your friend and her husband stay in one of them rent free was no sweat whatsoever, or effort, off your back, or even money out of your damn deep pocket. BFD. Maybe you can compare he Canadian couple who donated their entire $11M lottery winnings to others to Jesus but Camille? hahahahahahaha, you're not fooling anyone.

Secondly, she's one of those women who claims she has very few women friends because women are catty and don't like her, but then we see her, ignoring the women to flirt with their husbands. She made zero attempt in Las Vegas to be friendly with the other women. She obviously wants the attention of every man in the room, likes flaunting her stuff, likes making other women insecure and then tries to turn it around and say "oh women just don't like me, they are so catty." No lady, YOU do not like other women.

Narcissits do frequently project their own insecurities onto others around them, you know.

Overall, the ladies of RHOBH is interesting, we don't need fighting all the time, that gets so boring... and Lisa and possibly Adrienne even seem pretty nice - so far. I was surprised Kyle won the mom poll, I would've gone with Lisa.

That sad one with the painful-looking lip injections and the ridiculous toddler party? She seems like a desperately insecure and unhappy person headed for a huge meltdown. I don't really enjoy watching her parts of the show because of that, though still interesting in a train wreck kind of way.