10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, the snow affects couch potatoes, Bobby Brown returns to reality television, and polygamist moms exhibit their weird senses of humor.

1.) It snowed.
And Judge Judy was preempted for this bullshit.


2.) How it affected The View's audience attendance

3.) Polygamist humor

4.) Celebrity Fit Club
This is by far the best cast ever assembled: Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline, Jay McCarroll, Tanisha Pop Off, and of course…

5.) Bobby Brown!!!!!!!
Please, TV gods, always keep him on a reality show, no matter what the premise, because he never disappoints when it comes to making bad choices and good soundbites.

6.) The Insider has the most inane "arguments."
A debate topic this week was whether or not Johnny Weir should be allowed to compete in the Olympics due to his scandalous decision to wear high heels for photoshoots. You know, because men's figure skating is so butch and all.

7.) Oprah and trans people

8.) Jackie Collins
I love that she loves the Real Housewives franchise.

9.) Speaking of Real Housewives…
This lady is totally the Jill Zarin of public access television.

10.) Business as usual on Bad Girls Club

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