In this week's compilation of pop culture crap we chronicle Nancy Pelosi's excitement, Snooki's boogers, Rosie O'Donnell's facial hair, plus diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, and more!

1.) Nancy Pelosi is the Flavor Flav of this administration.
She's totally President Obama's hype (wo)man. Her butt muscles must've hurt after all that up and down during his State of the Union address.

2.) "You're the colon lady!"
I hate when this happens to me at airports.

3.) Oprah's (condescending) epiphany

4.) Rosie's gross-out
Rosie O'Donnell was on Oprah this week, where she totally grossed out the audience, over and over again.

5.) Butch
What I'm gonna miss most about Teen Mom is Tyler's dad Butch, and his lack of even the most basic parenting skills.

6.) But I'll miss Snooki and her booger infinitely more.

7.) HD Sunglasses
I have something like these. They're called prescription lenses.

8.) Tyra's sensitivity toward transgender children

9.) Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore
Talking about the monetary value of her crotch—just like old times.


10.) Business as usual on The Bad Girls Club
Exposed genitals, and crutches for an injury stemming from a physical altercation with a roommate.