10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Sarah Palin joins Fox News, Victoria Beckham is great at judging people, and The Bachelor sex scandal finally gets interesting.


1.) Sarah Palin fits right in at her new TV home.

2.) Posh
She should totally be a permanent judge. She tells stories about how she used to fuck up Spice Girls' songs.


And gives the best career advice.

3.) Fantasia's daughter
Stank eye and fanning herself with cash.

4.) That Bachelor sex scandal girl is so classy—for a criminal.
I don't watch The Bachelor, so I'm not really all that interested in the manufactured scandal, but my ears did perk up when I heard that she had been arrested three times before, twice for petty theft. But it's no big deal, you guys. Everyone's ex-boyfriend's family members call the cops on them when they're young!

5.) Jersey Shore is ending soon.
Aren't you gonna miss the dancing?


6.) Something isn't right with this picture.
I can't believe the producers of this morning show didn't realize that this child's drawing is so eerily similar to an ejaculating Smurf.


7.) Closed captioning for this portion of MTV is brought to you by menstrual blood.

8.) Little Miss Perfect is back.
Which means will be seeing a lot more of this:


And this:

9.) At least it's not a decapitated head.

10.) Surly 92-year-old does not want to be carded.

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Posh seriously needs a show.