10 Things of Note in Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter World Tour Trailer

There's a new 90 second clip promoting Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter tour that must have been filmed in Europe, since she kicked things off last week in Serbia, followed by Croatia and Slovakia. (She was in Amsterdam last night and will be in France tomorrow.)

In this first official footage from the tour, Queen Bey appears by rising from below the stage in a flurry of pyrotechnics and strobe lights. Seeing as how she is very touchy about images, her highness must have allowed a videographer to film and then approved this footage. Here are ten things to note about the clip:

1. Her facial expressions seem rather calm, as though she is purposely avoiding making this face


2. Expert use of fan and hairography

3. One number involves burlesque-dancer style feather fans (:30 seconds in)

4. A guitar burns and sparks from both ends (:31)

5. The nipples are missing from the infamous nipple costume (digitally removed? :33)

6. Riding on what appears to be a giant musical note, Beyoncé flies up and above the audience (:39)

7. In addition to starting the clip with "Who Run the World (Girls)," the ladypower theme continues with a snippet of two female audience members squee-ing and hugging (:50)


8. When the Queen is feeling overwhelmed she merely lies down upon a grand piano (1:12)

9. At some point in the show Beyoncé walks into the audience along a catwalk, close enough to reach out and touch adoring fans with those healing hands — and she also sits upon a stool and sings while those around her stand in awe (1:17)


10. MIC DROP (1:27) (or, at least, mic stand drop?)


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I genuinely need that blue sparkly catsuit.