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ZOMG Greek Is Coming Back as a Made-for-TV Movie

Illustration for article titled ZOMGi Greek/i Is Coming Back as a Made-for-TV Movie

Ummmmmmmm ladies get excited because our five-year reunion is coming up and the whole gang’s invited! I can’t wait to find out whether Cappie and Casey are still going strong, or what the new Kappa Tau house looks like, or whether those rumors are true about Rusty and Ashleigh being into weird sex stuff (sorry to be a gossip but Beaver told me one night when he was in NY and a little tipsy and I believe it)!


Don’t worry; for those of you who can’t make it, Greek: The Reunion, TVLine reports, will air on Freeform aka ABC Family, and will be “‘a holiday movie’ which finds the crew returning to Cypress-Rhodes University for their five-year reunion.” I personally will definitely be there, if only to find out what kind of gig Casey’s got for herself these days, if Cappie’s still struggling to find himself, and especially if Rebecca finally got rid of that wet rag Evan once and for all.

Zeta Beta Zeta forever! Can’t wait to reunite with my besties!

Image via Freeform nee ABC Family

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I have been searching and searching trying to stream this show lately.