Zoë Kravitz Says She Worked With a Director Whose Behavior Was 'Totally Inappropriate'

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Zoë Kravitz is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, paying homage to her mother by recreating Lisa Bonet’s nude cover shoot from 1988. In the accompanying profile, published Monday on the magazine’s site, Kravitz tells Rolling Stone contributor Josh Eells about a creepy director she worked with early on in her career who repeatedly crossed the line with her, both on and off set:

“I won’t name names, because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life… But I definitely worked with a director who made me very uncomfortable. I was young—maybe 19 or 20—and we were on location, staying at the same hotel. And it was full-on: ‘Can I come inside your room?’ Just totally inappropriate.”


It goes without saying that far too many women in Hollywood have these types of stories. Kravitz adds:

“And then he’d do things like come to the makeup trailer and touch my hair. Or say, ‘Let me see your costume—turn around?’ It’s just never OK for someone to do that. Especially when they’re in a position of power.”

Read the full profile here.

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