Zoe Kravitz and Chelsea Tyler Text About Their Dads' Dick Talk

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Zoe Kravitz has the appropriate response to her dad’s dangling penis being all over social media yesterday: “Oh god.” And then “Hahha.”

Quick D-brief: After Lenny Kravitz’s dick successfully escaped from Leather Island and made its way online, the rocker tweeted a screenshot of a text from his friend Steven Tyler that reads: “Dude... No underwear and pierced... Fuck me.. You never showed me that shit.”


Zoe then posted a text exchange between herself and Tyler’s daughter Chelsea on Instagram in which both daughters maintain a solid level of chill with a subtext of “ugh.” [Update: Chelsea is the one who says “Oh god” and “Hahha”]

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114 unread text messages?! Good god the bubble would drive me INSANE.