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Zit Cream & Pop Music Go Hand In Hand

Illustration for article titled Zit Cream  Pop Music Go Hand In Hand

Justin Bieber is getting $3 million for a two-year deal with Proactiv, partly because, his manager says, "the kid uses it." But also because he's a music — not a TV or movie — star.


Bieber joins a long list of pop stars who have shilled for Proactiv, including Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys and Mandy Moore. As the Reuters story states: "No one is more willing to talk about acne than a musician."

So why does the company choose Billboard chart-toppers instead of Hollywood luminaries to hawk acne solution? Greg Renker, co-founder of Proactiv creator Guthy-Renker, tells Reuters: "I love Julia Roberts, but I've probably had 15 movie experiences with her in my lifetime… I've listened to [Perry's] 'California Gurls' every day since it was released. Consumers are connecting to musical talent multiple times a day in a way that is more than visceral." Also? Julia Roberts would probably say no.


Bieber's Star Power More Than Skin-Deep For Proactiv [Reuters]

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Also, I can't even tell whether or not this Bieber kid is even cute. I can't see beyond incredibly stupid haircut that should never have been and for the love of god needs to cease being asap. Even a mullet would be more flattering.