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Zadie Smith Is Co-Writing a New Claire Denis Film Set In Outer Space

Illustration for article titled Zadie Smith Is Co-Writing a New Claire Denis Film Set In Outer Space

Claire Denis, the French filmmaker known for mesmerizing works like Beau Travail and White Material, has hired Zadie Smith to co-write her first English-language film. Her stories generally take place in France or Africa, but this one, mon dieu, is going to be set in outer space. ScreenDaily reports:

Plot details are being kept under wraps on the as-yet untitled adventure-sci-fi but it is known to take place beyond the solar system in a ‘future that seems like the present’.

The intriguing collection of collaborators on the film also include Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson...and Stuart Staples of indie band Tindersticks.


Though a perfect storm of movie ingredients doesn’t always guarantee a great final product, let’s allow ourselves to be optimistic. At least for now.


Yeah. That’s the right ‘tude!

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White Material is the only film of hers that I’ve seen, but it was such a masterpiece that I’m stoked to hear this. It’s one of two films where I left the cinema convinved that the film was terrible and everyone in it should be ashamed, but by the time I got home I was convinced that it was genius. (The other one was Upstream Color.)

If her new film is only half as interesting as White Material, it’ll still be great.