Zadie Smith Interviewed Beyoncé's Favorite Feminist

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Something awesome happened in New York last night: literature goddesses Zadie Smith and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie united in feminist power and rose into the heavens … but before they did, the pair sat down for a long chat at Harlem's Schomburg Center.


Smith interviewed Adichie about her latest book Americanah (which I’m voraciously reading right now) and how Beyoncé’s favorite feminist is able to write such real characters. Adichie’s female characters are sturdy individuals but the author says it’s not for any political reason.

“I hear from people, ‘Your female characters are so strong, how do you do that?’” Adichie said with a smile. “The idea of a woman being strong and being strong not to prove anything is normal to me.”


Watch the full stream of their discussion above, it will brighten your Friday, I promise.

Image via the Schomburg Center.

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Can this site stop being so shitty, Shame on you for using Beyoncé as headline for this accomplish woman. You know that she was a thing way before Beyoncé using her work right?

Just because you were all late on the Bandwagon doesn't mean the train wasn't already working.