Yukon Public Health Campaign Encourages Citizens to Make Sure They're Getting Plenty of D

The Yukon territory in Canada is cold, dark, and sparsely populated—circumstances that require Yukon’s Health and Human Services to encourage residents to really go crazy on that D.

“How do you do the D?” asks the above ad, posted on Imgur, politely curious about Canadian citizens’ vitamin D intake but really their sex habits; another ad, via BuzzFeed Canada, shows an alarmed woman staring at a plate of fish, asking “Need a little help...with your daily D?” A third ad shows a man with his dog, wondering why he hasn’t grown out of his old cravings: “I’m in my 30s, who knew I needed to do the D?”


The original link to the PDFs is now dead, suggesting that Yukon Health and Social Services has had a much-needed lesson in slang; the campaign page now features a simplified poster that asks: “Did you take your Vitamin D today?”

I’m all finished now!

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Image via Imgur/Yukon Health and Social Services.

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