You've Gotta See the Birthday Cake Amal Bought George

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

For the past few years, I’ve thrown a joint birthday party with a pair of close friends who share my birth month. It makes things easier planning-wise, and reduces anxiety because I get to share the attention with two other people. All eyes aren’t on me, just a third of them are.


According to a recent Instagram by Casamigos co-founder and husband of Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, I’m not the only one who employs that birthday party strategy. Gerber and his BFF George Clooney recently celebrated their April births as a single unit, but before you go and claim “celebrities are just like us,” take a look a their birthday cake, which is so extraordinarily bonkers that I couldn’t possibly begin to use this as proof of Us Weekly’s famous thesis. No one has ever shown up to one of my joint birthday parties with a cake like this.

In an Instagram posted earlier this week, Gerber shared a photo of him and his buddy side-hugging behind a cake (supplied by Clooney’s wife Amal) depicting the two of them at—where else?—a Casamigos-themed bar on the beach.

Look closer:

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Three questions:

  • Where do you cut that thing?
  • What parts are even edible?!
  • Do these men have a single thing in common beyond their shared love for the smooth, refreshing taste of Casamigos tequila?!?

[Vanity Fair]

Diddy’s former personal chef Cindy Rueda, whom the musician fired over a year ago, is suing the musician/entrepreneur “for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection,” per a report by TMZ.


Rueda’s allegations detail a horrific work environment in which she was allegedly asked to serve food to Diddy and his sexual conquests immediately following the fuckin’. “She also says on at least one such occasion,” TMZ writes, “Diddy was still naked when she entered the room, and asked if she liked what she saw.” Rueda claims at least one of Diddy’s male friends asked a similar question when approaching her in the kitchen while naked.

But there’s more to this than sexual harassment. Writes TMZ:

Rueda says she complained about sexual harassment to one of Diddy’s assistants, and as a result was set up by another staffer to make it look like she’d stolen one of his watches.


Diddy, meanwhile, is calling Rueda’s lawsuit “frivolous.”


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i bet that cake tastes fuckin gross and i am mad about it