YouTube's Heartbreak Diaries May Get A Happy Ending

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The "Froglet Diaries," the series of more than 30 video diaries that, in charting one woman's heartbreak, have become a YouTube phenomenon, has resulted in an unexpected ending for Kelly Summers.

Summers, 53, took to the 'net when it turned out her boyfriend in fact lived with a long-term partner. Summers, who'd recently lost the fourth of five children, explained in the video that as the singer Sunny Daye she's always put on a happy face - and just couldn't do it anymore. The videos, in their raw emotion and ultimate journey back from despair, attracted a wide viewership — many of whom, Summers tells ABC, have cited her as an example.


But now the saga has had an unexpected outcome. (And one which could set a rather dangerous precedent.) After viewing the videos, the heartbreaker himself, Keith Tallis ("the Frog Prince") says "it just hit me how much I loved her and I realized this is where I belong." Of course, for those who've followed Summers' journey and have become involved in her recovery, this revelation elicits the ambivalence the same situation would with a girl-friend. We've just spent the past month trashing him! You think and, will he hurt her again? And, this not being a fairy tale, there's the matter of Tallis' long-term partner to consider, an unwitting part of the drama who's now been sacrificed for a happy ending. (Something Summers addresses in the video below.) Not, mind you, that Summers' viewership will get a chance to romanticize much: she says that whatever happens, she's going to continue with the Froglet Diaries. Stay tuned.

YouTube Diary: Woman Reunites With Boyfriend After Break-Up Videos [ABC]

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Mrs. Stephen Fry

A friend of mine went on and on about her horrible boyfriend when she called me one night. And I was delighted to finally be able to tell her that I thought he was a complete dumbass, and she was so much better off without him.

I should have let him finish the story. She called to let me know they were getting back together. Um, whoops?

We are no longer friends. But I know she ended up breaking up with him again and went on to marry someone else.