Youth in Revolt, which premiered Wednesday at Mann's Chinese Theatre, is about the two sides of one boy - and at the premiere we did, indeed, see youth at both its best and worst.

I guess we can surmise Jade Fusco's thinking here: "This looks too conservative. Let's add a corset."

I'm always torn, with Michael Cera, between thinking he'd have been the boy I would have had a crush on in high school, or would have kind of hated. This does nothing to resolve the matter.


Portia Doubleday, whose first film this is, is kind of walking a line between bombshell and ingenue.

Singer IO Echo does the enviable: flats looking cool and dressy.


Justin Long has certain fans on this site, so here he is, in a mod suit, with a skinny tie.

Angela Trimbur might be called "January 2010" to fashion historians of the future. Which, they will note, bears a startling resemblance to "March 1991."


It's always a tricky thing in insinuate, and I feel for the salesperson who assisted Ari Graynor. Because the thing is, tighter isn't always better.


You know, Jesse Metcalfe, if you wanna dress like a lumberjack, whatever. Go for it. But you kind of forfeit the right to throw on a fedora and have it look jaunty or rakish.

Mary Elisabeth Winstead rocks the always-pleasing 50s-prom trend, along with the nude trend, which can go either way really, but in this case is kind of vintagey and pleasing.


Rooney Mara, meanwhile, is doing that sort of Zooey Deschanel aggressively-vintage thing, too, but if we're honest we all secretly like it, so there we are.

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