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You're Killing Us, AMC: Mad Men's Final Season Has Been Split in Two

Illustration for article titled Youre Killing Us, AMC: emMad Men/ems Final Season Has Been Split in Two

Continuing their history of torturing the fans who love Mad Men most, Matthew Weiner and AMC have decided to split the final season of Mad Men in two, airing seven episodes in 2014 and seven episodes in 2015. Yes, that means you'll have to wait almost TWO FULL YEARS to see how the show ends.


To distract yourself from this terrible news, head over to the Hollywood Reporter where Tim Goodman has thought up some great Mad Men spin-offs.

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I don't want to blame the Harry Potter movie franchise but, you know, this is why these things are happening. Although it's SO DUMB because the whole reason the last Harry Potter movie was split in two is because it's a goddamn epic journey, ya idiots.*

*I'm talking to the network and Matthew Weiner. Just in case that was unclear. Also I am very mad because I just want it to be done so I can mourn and restart the series just like I did with Friday Night Lights.