You're Getting Tested For HPV Too Often, Apparently

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A new study says women are getting tested for HPV too often. You'd be forgiven for being confused.


The study drew on doctor-reported information about how often they were testing patients. Reuters summarizes the study in Obstetrics and Gynecology as follows: "Not only is it a waste of money, it also means that women who test positive may be getting extra treatment they don't necessarily need and that comes with a risk of complications and side effects." That's partly because, according to Mona Saraiya of the CDC, HPV is so prevalent among women in their twenties that testing positive won't even tell you much about whether they're going to get cancer.

Earlier this year, a study concluded that most women didn't actually need annual pap smears. You can read more about the medical basis for that here.


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I'm no expert on HPV, but I'm a married lady in my 30's & I've never tested positive for HPV. The last time I went for my yearly gyno visit they tested my pap for HPV again & I was billed for it. I'm not positive, but isn't this ridiculous to test for at this point unless I have more than 1 partner? I feel like I should be able to opt in/out of this if that's true.