Your Vagina is a Hot Wet Cave of Drugs

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New research shows that your vagina — YES THAT ONE — contains a complicated forest of bacteria that produces molecules that could possibly be used to make useful pharmaceuticals. Vaginas: is there anything they can't do?


The study, published in this week's issue of Cell (check out the swimsuit issue; it's insane), indicates that our Baby Chutes/Love Holes actually manufacture substances that could be used to make medicine for other people.

"Many [microbes] can make drugs like those we're already taking or evaluating in clinical trials," says study coauthor Mohamed Donia, a biochemist who recently moved from the University of California, San Francisco to Princeton University. One of the drug candidates Donia and his colleagues discovered is a new antibiotic produced by vaginal bacteria to fight off pathogens.

I'm so proud of my vagina today that I'm going to buy it a new pair of school shoes.


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Vaginas: is there anything they can't do?

Well, sure, but then you have to ask just how much fun it is to pee your name into the snow in the first place.

(PS It's amazingly fun. You'd think you'd get bored of it past the age of 6 but, no, it really is the tops)