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Thanksgiving! A gloriously long weekend. The beginning of the joyful "holiday season." A time to count your blessings, stuff yourself, watch TV, bond with loved ones. But also: A time for terrible travel ordeals, recipes gone wrong, intense arguments with family members and maybe even hospitalization from food poisoning or a bloody carving knife accident.

Were you forced to sleep on the top bunk? Did someone serve Velveeta cheesecake? Was there a smokey grease fire? Now's the time to spill. If you have a Thanksgiving horror story to share, tell us all about it. We want to know all the gory details, and if you have pictures, by all means, share them. We'll get through this together.


(Also, since the hurricane knocked out our power that week, if you missed it, check out our Halloween post: Let's Scare the Crap Out of Everyone: Tell Us Your Most Terrifying Tales.)

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