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Remember that conventional wisdom saying whatever you posted on Snapchat would stay on Snapchat — despite the company promising it would disappear in ten seconds? Well, wisdom won and the app-based company just settled charges against them from the FTC for lying to consumers. Oh, and be careful that sext video of you topless in a bathroom might come back to haunt you.


To get even creepier, Snapchat collected the locations and address book contacts of their users without consent and allowed the option to save the access videos later on a user’s phone. According to Business Insider, the company will have to create and use an “in-depth privacy program” and submit to monitoring by a privacy professional for 20 years. Will Snapchat be around in two decades?

Still, none of these reprimands handed down by the FTC include a monetary fine, so this action doesn't really hurt the owners/creators of Snapchat too much. The only problem is, if they don't have disappearing videos, people might as well sext on Instagram or Vine. What's the difference?

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Hopefully we'll have perfected sexbots 20 years from now.