With New Year's Eve upon us, we're reminded of (our friends') champagne blackouts, one-night stands, and other terrible turn-of-year mistakes. What, dear Jezeb-hellions, are your most memorable experiences involving too many drinks?


Did any of these blurry, possibly nauseating moments somehow turn out amazingly well? Did you meet the love of your life while crouched in a corner with some terrible Hypnotiq and soda concoction, or make a lifelong friend connection mid-kegstand? Or did you just end up living out some sort of strange Bukowskiesque story involving leathery-looking petty criminals and a hotel swimming pool? Please share, in the comments!

Note: This is not an endorsement of drunkenness!* But hey, if funny shit happened in the past, why not talk about it?


* Seriously, stay safe tonight, hang tight with a friend of you have one too many—that includes you, Ke$ha—and try to avoid overdoing it. Drink water between other drinks! Or don't drink at all and see how that goes (no hangovers, guaranteed).

Image fakelvis/via Flickr.