Your Mascara Is Trying to Kill You

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Welp, it's time to stop trying to be pretty. Because every day, getting pretty means getting one step closer to death. Your lipstick? Trying to poison you. Nail polish companies are lying to you, and so are the companies promising that your cosmetics are cruelty-free. Today, your mascara is giving you diabetes. See, a lot of companies use phthalates in cosmetics, and, as the Huffington Post reports:

The new study, published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, suggests an association between high levels of phthalates in the body and an increased risk of diabetes in women.


According to the study:

Previous studies show women to have higher urinary concentrations of several phthalate metabolites compared to men, possibly due to higher use of personal care products.


Urinary levels of several phthalates were associated with prevalent diabetes.

So yeah, you're dying right now.

The Environmental Working Group put together a table of where you might find phthalates, and uh, it's everything. If you buy lotion, hairspray, mousse, gel, pomade, hair spray, conditioner, spritz, hair tonic, facial moisturizers, foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes, oral pharmaceuticals, or hair loss treatments, well, you might have purchased some phthalates. Enjoy.


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My work-study boss in college almost died from an incident with eyeliner. She blacked out a tooth with it for a costume party, but somehow the eyeliner got into her gums and cause her entire face to swell with a horrible infection that nearly reached her brain. They had to pull out her tooth in order to save her life.