Your Man Wears Dirty Undies While On Vacation

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Folks at a British travel agency had plenty of time to kill, so they surveyed 1,294 people about what they put in their suitcases. Of those who had been on a week-long vacation in the past year, men packed three pairs of underwear on average while women packed 10 pairs. 12% of the men made the unbelievable claim that they'd do laundry during the trip, and 37% said they didn't need underwear because they'd "mostly wear swimming trunks" during the vacation. So they're wearing a bathing suit from sun up to sun down? Sorry guys, but we're in the right. Even if you're flipping your undies inside out, you're still missing a few pairs.


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Kat Callahan

....this is weird across the board. I pack lots of underwear, and I always do laundry during trips.

I own ten pairs total. I pack one pair of underwear for every single day I am on vacation/traveling. I then pack an additional pair in case of emergencies. If I am going to be gone longer than a week, I pack all ten, and establish a plan for laundry while I am traveling.

Over Christmas and New Years, I spent two weeks in Sydney, Australia. I packed all my underwear. I did laundry halfway through the trip.