Your Future Husband Just Ate 528 Oysters in Less Than 10 Minutes

How many oysters could you house in a single sitting? Two dozen? Three dozen? Could you put away 528 raw oysters, like Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan, winner of New Orleans’ World Oyster Eating Championship? Which is a certifiable fuck-load of oysters.

WGNO (via Fark) reports from the scene of this weekend’s contest, hosted annually by Acme Oyster House. Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas was the winner for ten years running, but after eight minutes she and Morgan were tied, having both choked down 42 dozen oysters.


42 dozen! Fuck! That is so many oysters!

So they resorted to a tiebreaker, racing to see who could destroy an additional two dozen oysters first. Thomas’ cast-iron stomach earned him a $1,000 prize. He told WGNO, “I feel full. I feel good, though. I’ve never eaten that many oysters in my life, that’s over 500 oysters. That’s definitely more than I’ve ever eaten before.”

Could you give Adrian a run for his money? If so you probably have to get married.


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