Your Friends at Dove Want You to Know It's Totally Fine You're Not a Perfect Mom

After a decade of telling women that they are beautiful just like they are— don’t worry about those lumpy thighs, dear, you should feel good about yourself anyway—Dove is getting into the baby-care market with assurances that there’s no such thing as a perfect mother so don’t worry about that one thing you do that your mother keeps criticizing you for, it’s probably fine and nobody does everything right all the time!


People reports on the launch of the new line:

The new line, available now, comes alongside the well-loved brand’s #RealMoms campaign. The campaign encourages parents to do what is right for themselves and their babies. Bucking the “perfect mom” stereotype, it highlights the ideology that there is no one way to be a great parent.

“There’s so many different ways to be a mom,” one woman, Jackie, says in the campaign video, which features real moms talking about their different realities and lifestyles, and how they are striving to parent in their own way regardless of outside opinions.

“I don’t think I could be the mom that I want to be without climbing in my life,” continues Jackie, who, alongside being a parent, is a rock climber. “It keeps me who I am.”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your passions to be a mom! Keep carving out time for yourself even though we’re pretty sure that literally everyone in the neighborhood is talking behind your back about how you haven’t sacrificed every minute of your day on the altar of motherhood. You want a list of who exactly suggested that? I said, don’t worry about it!!!

Take time for yourself—almost every mom agrees that it’s important to take time for yourself, no matter what anyone else might suggest. Your baby will be totally fine if you abandon her for 30 whole minutes at a time:

Other statistics discovered by the Dove research team? Eighty one percent of moms don’t believe they have to give up other interests to be a good parents, 84 percent believe the “perfect mom” is outdated and unrealistic — and a staggering 94 percent of moms think they can provide better care for their children if they make taking care of themselves a priority too.

Sure, maybe you aren’t a perfect mom, but it’s fine! I promise! Totally fine! Quit worrying about it!!!!!!!!


Laura G

This isn’t really Dove’s fault, but I am so sick of being labelled “a Mom.” Not a woman, not a person, but a Mom. “Did you see what that Mom did?” “I was talking to this Mom the other day...” Everything revolves around Momness. It assumes that because I had kids and am trying to keep them alive until they turn 18, that Mommyhood is an integral part of my personality. I love my kids, but I don’t get off on being a Mom any more than I get off on cleaning the bathroom. It’s just something you do because it needs to be done. This is just another way society is trying to force women back up onto that pedestal.