Upon learning that Natalie Portman worried about dying during the filming of Black Swan, we stumbled upon this Access Hollywood Live video that shows you how to achieve your own "amazingly toned" ballerina body! (Sorry—an Oscar isn't guaranteed.)

Ex-ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Portman for her physically demanding role, shows us a couple moves to help us get as sleek and sculpted as Portman got, almost:

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Bowers says you only need to do her workout for an hour a day, two or three times a week, to "see results." But if you're really serious about looking like Portman, you've got to bump this shit up to about five to eight hours every day. Aw come on, don't get discouraged! Treating exercise like it's your job might be fun, once you get over some of the dizziness and other side effects. (Helpful tip: wearing your hair up in a pretty bun will enhance your performance.)