Your Evening Cry: Dying Woman Seeks Loving Home for Her Dog

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Patricia Cudd has Stage 4 breast cancer. Doctors have told her she only has a few months to live. Now, she wants one last thing—to find a home for her beloved dog.


Cudd's dog, Sherlock, is her best friend. He's been with her through a lot since she was diagnosed. Now, she just wants to make sure he goes to a home with someone who loves him as much as she does. Via 9News:

For the last few years she's been living in a cramped motel room with her dog 'Sherlock'. "He's my best friend," Cudd said as she choked back tears. A few years back, Patricia rescued Sherlock from a shelter. Since her diagnosis, Sherlock has helped rescue Patricia. But as her time on earth comes to an end, she knows she has to let Sherlock go. "I want someone else to love him as much as I do because I can't run with him anymore," Cudd explained.

"He's taught me to have fun! To just plain have fun. To go outside, look at the sun and enjoy life," she told 9News."He's such a great animal! Just magnificent."

Cudd told the Coloradoan more abouthow Sherlock has helped her through some hard times:

After particularly grueling chemotherapy treatments, Cudd will curl up next to Sherlock on the bed in her hotel room in east Fort Collins. The two once sat side-by-side, "watching Harry Potter movies for a full day until I felt better," she said with a smile.

The cancer is taking its toll, though, and Cudd said she may need to go into hospice care. That, coupled with her waning strength, makes it too difficult to walk or care for Sherlock in the way she thinks he deserves.

"I am passing away. I don't know when exactly. Of course, everyone is passing away. But the cancer, you know — stage 4 is the ultimate stage — and he needs a home," she said.

There is good news. According to 9News, since her story broke Cudd has received "hundreds" of offers to give Sherlock a new home. She is currently sorting through them to make a decision.

I'm not even going to pretend that I got "something in my eye." This story has me bawling.


Screencap via The Coloradoan.



Sometimes I wonder if the human race deserves the companionship of dogs but Mrs. Cudd is someone to prove that wrong. One of the first times I began to doubt religion is when my friend's preacher father told me animals don't have souls so they don't go to heaven. If there happens to be an afterlife, I hope Mrs. Cudd and Sherlock can be together again.