The UK is on fire, and ladies are to blame. Or, to be slightly more precise, essential oils in linens washed at low temperatures have caused a "spate" of house fires around Britain, according to the Telegraph.

They ominously report that "women buying fashionable essential oil burners are being blamed for a growing number of house fires, authorities have warned." The number of these house fires: About half a dozen. The scourge is also happening in places where women have been known to haunt: beauty salons. Laundromats. Homes!

The Telegraph blames all this on an unquantified "sharp increase" in the sales of scented oils, by lavender-crazed women who don't care what sort of destruction their girlish recklessness leaves in their wake.

However, this is always good to know: "When the wash has been at 40 degrees [Celsius] or above, the oil residue is more likely to be safely broken down by the washing detergents."


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