Your Childhood Theory Lucky Charms was Gay Friendly is Totes True

You probably always suspected all those colors and shapes and rainbows in breakfast cereal Lucky Charms were secretly supporting you each morning with a queerdom affirming presentation of its many necessary vitamins and minerals. Part of a completely gay breakfast. Well, you'd be right. Maybe.


The cereal, most well known for its Leprechaun character, is running a new hashtag for LGBT Pride Month. The hashtag, #LuckyToBe, encourages consumers of the colorful cereal to express who they are and why that identity makes them lucky.

We don't all look the same, believe the same things, or love the same people. And that's a good thing. It makes our world more interesting. Special. Beautiful. Magical.

LGBT+ advocacy group GLAAD is promoting the campaign, and the group's vice president of communications and programs, Rich Ferraro, said he was "excited to see a brand like that participate in pride month."

Lucky Charms has always been known as a family brand and it's only natural that they have chosen to celebrate all families. This campaign is another sign that advertising is on its way out of the closet, with companies finding that it's a smart business decision to stand with LGBT people and the majority of Americans who support our community.

Special, beautiful, and magical, huh? I'd add one more...


Video via General Mills/YouTube.




How charming.