Your Chicken Could Be Giving You an Incurable Bladder Infection

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Suffer from bladder infections that never seem to go away? Well, here's some disgusting news for you: Medical researchers have linked these perpetual and painful infections back to an antibiotic-resistant superbug found in grocery store meat, particularly chicken, that is being transferred to people in the form of E.coli. Women, as men get bladder infections at a much lesser rate, are the most likely contractors of the superbug, with over 8 million females at risk.


Scientists have long been looking for a link between bladder infections and commercial meat products and this superbug might be the evidence they need to connect them indefinitely. According to the FDA, over 80% of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are sold to livestock. Chickens, in particular, are injected with large quantities of antibiotics from the time they are in the egg to the time that they are slaughtered so that (get ready for some not-so-ethical treatment of animals) they will grow unnaturally large for consumption and be "protected" from diseases in their cramped living environments.

The chicken industry, in no hurry to change, would like to remind us that nothing has been proven yet and that your nasty, seemingly incurable bladder infections could very well be all your fault.


Superbug Dangers in Chicken Linked to 8 Million At-Risk Women [ABC]
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So what is this saying? The infection is being transferred by eating the chicken, or by touching yourself after touching infected chicken without washing your hands first or by using chicken drumsticks for purposes they were never intended for?