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Your BFF Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Mind Over Awful Homeland Spoiler

Illustration for article titled Your BFF Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Mind Over Awful emHomeland/em Spoiler

Just like you, Jennifer Lawrence is busy and impatient. She doesn't have time to watch television shows on a regular weekly schedule and, even if she did, she's too obsessive to wait seven days for the next installment. This is her situation with Homeland; she's a full season behind because the latest has yet to come out on DVD or iTunes. We can all relate, which is what makes Lawrence, in this case, so deserving of our empathy and support.


During an Access Hollywood interview on the SAG Awards red carpet, Lawrence had a bit of a fangirl meltdown upon meeting Homeland star Damian Lewis. She loves the show! It's Sergeant Brody, omg! And then she explicitly states that she's only seen Seasons 1 and 2. So leave it to the idiot reporter to drop a major, major Season 3 spoiler right there on the red carpet. Lawrence's face falls. Her disappointment is genuine. Her ears grow red with rage. "I can't process this," Lawrence says to the reporter, clearly aware of the cameras and trying to be a good sport about it. "I can't believe you did this."

"Are you crying?" asks Lewis. Jennifer might not be shedding actual tears, but only being halfway through Season 2 myself, I am. And the horrid reporters just laugh and laugh and laugh like the ghouls they are.


SPOILERS BELOW, if you still needed some kind of warning.

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I love her, but sometimes I wonder how much of her real girl charm is a sham. Her genuine response to this - and her inability to let it go, continuing to tell the reporter she's a terrible person - makes me feel like her personality is completely legit. That wasn't the response of someone putting on a show, that was the response of a person who wishes they weren't famous so that they could punch that chick in the nose. I'm sorry I doubted you Jen.